Echo Show 5

Not the newest of new, yet new enough to include here, Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is Amazon’s latest entry in the Echo family of voice assistants. By now you must have heard about (or simply “heard”) Alexa, the voice emanating from a cylindrical device sitting on your kitchen counter. Usually, a number in the name of a product indicates its developmental sequence. However, not so for the Echo Show 5! In this instance, the “5” refers to the screen size.

I’ve read quite a few reviews of this product and they’re ALL very good! The video is more than adequate. The sound: outstanding for a device this size.

And, of course, it includes all the capabilities every Echo device offers! Now, rather than listen to a recipe, you can watch the cook prepare it and, if it gets ahead of you, you can tell Alexa to “rewind ten seconds” or “pause” or, well, you get the idea!

Current pricing is less than $100.00. All things considered, a great deal (IMHO). Disclaimer: I am NOT an Amazon employee. I am NOT compensated for my opinion. I have no stake in the products I endorse or review. It’s all just me and what I think about “It” (the device or service in topic.)

And, if you haven’t played with voice assistants yet, dive in! Echo Dot and Google Home Assistant entry-level devices hover around the $25.00 mark. You spend more than that buying take-out! Get a voice!

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