Re: “Streaming”

Devices, Services & Channels…

Not long ago, during a computer class I teach, I was asked to spend some time discussing “streaming” as a “cord-cutting” alternative to subscribing to a Cable provider. I conducted some research into the topic and found interesting information which I shared with the group.

I presented comparisons among HDMI devices used to stream media (music, videos, broadcasts). Then, I talked about some of the many the streaming services available and finally discussed how to determine which is “best for you” by using a guide that listed 100 channels and which services provided access to what channels. During this session, I told the group that I would post links on my blog site to enable them to return to the pages and review, at their leisure, the comparisons.

That being said, below are the links! Enjoy!

Device comparisons are here.

Services comparisons are here.

100 channels and their respective access providers are here.