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Boomers are those of us born between 1946 and 1964. As we become “senior citizens,” we either embrace today’s technology or we hide from it. Historically, senior citizens were technologically adverse to newfangled gadgets but we Boomers, we’re all about technology! We grew up during the most technologically developing time of any generation to date. Our parents listened to radio “shows” as children: they had no “TV”. When television was invented, we watched it on screens the size of today’s smartphones (ironic, eh?! Some of us NOW watch television¬† [digital media] on our smartphones). Some of us do not have cell phones let alone “smart” phones. Some of us DO have cell phones and we “flip” them open to make a call. (I recently had someone tell me: “I don’t need a ‘smartphone’, I’m smart enough!”)

Speaking of radio shows, visit my podcast!

Some of us have email accounts, some of us surf the Internet using computers, tablets and/or smartphones. Some of us do not. Some of us thoroughly enjoy our digital world and some of us could not care less about it. Some of us are immersed in technology and some of us curiously have one toe in the water.

I’m here to suggest we (Boomers) should immerse ourselves into technology to enable us to fully participate in today’s digitally-driven world!

Grocery stores advertise on the internet and use social media (I’ll explain that in a bit). Many of our medical providers ask us to “log on” to their websites to make or change appointments, review our medical history or pay our co-pays.

It’s all so confusing and it doesn’t need to be! During the coming weeks, I am going to provide information, resources, links, and more to enable you to become a technology savvy Baby Boomer. I’ll even accept questions and publish as many answers as I can. We’re in this Boomer Life together: let’s live it @!