May Update #2

Hi! Just a few days ago I wrote that I would post more frequently AND that I’d get these Product Reviews started: today is the day!

Click on the Product Review tab (above) and you’ll get to read my first reviews … about wifi garage door openers! Funny thing happened to get this topic of interest: I “lost” a garage door opener at an car dealer. Left it in the old car when driving out of the lot in a new one. “Not to worry” said the Sales Manager, “We’ll find it and ship it to you!”

The idea of my garage door opener somewhere other than in my car was a little unsettling. Might someone find it and drive through the neighborhood clicking away until a garage door opens? Naw, never happen. (Not gonna’ take that chance!)


Read the review …


Hmmmmm … these once monthly missives seem unusually short and far between. I’m thinking that I need to increase the frequency, adjust the topic range, dig deeper into the gadgets we ‘Boomers use (or should use) and solicit more input from you!

I’ve been educating my home! Yep, we’re living in an ever increasingly smart, SmartHome! I’ve have my LED kitchen lights connected to a smartswitch and have that connected to a smarthub and have that linked to my Amazon Echo (voice-controlled, computer-like thingie that’s sweeping the market (followed closely by Google Home Assistant and others certain to follow). My point? I walk into the room and speak to my Echo, “Alexa, kitchen on.” and the ceiling lights illuminate!

Added another to the Master bathroom: “Alexa, master bath lights on!” and, viola’, the lights illuminate!

Also just added a wifi-enabled garage door opener. No more wondering whether or not I closed it. I glance at the app on my smartphone and I can see whether it’s open or closed and, using the app, I can close (or open) it from anywhere in the world!

Speaking of being home and anywhere in the world simultaneously, I have a Ring© doorbell. It’s more than a doorbell: it’s a wifi-connected, camera and audio, motion-sensing notification device. (Sounds fancy, eh?!) As someone approaches my front door, a chime rings on my smartphone and I get a message that someone’s there. I also have the opportunity to tap the app, open the video, see who’s there … and talk to (whoever) – in real-time, FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD* as if I’m on the other side of the door!

*(Anywhere in the world that provides wifi access, that is)

And then there are my wifi-enabled cameras. I have them strategically located around the property monitoring the comings and goings of anyone on or nearby my property. It’s sad, actually, nonetheless becoming “necessary” as some bold (or brave and stupid) individuals steal shit from other peoples’ front porches. (If it happens here, I’ll plant another package and wire it with a non-lethal-but-powerful charge that’ll shock the poop outta’ whoever tries to snag it.

All these gadgets make life a bit safer, easier, more comfortable (and fun!) L O V E technology!

As usual, I want you to know I am in NO WAY compensated by any manufacturer, reseller or business regarding any products I mention by name. I purchase them myself, install (and sometimes, uninstall) them myself and have no vested interest in anything other than my reputation. I guarantee to you that my opinions are just that: my opinions.

Be safe and c’mon back soon. I’ll be writing more often, I promise!