Re: Streaming

undefined Some of you know I “facilitate” a couple group events (TechTalk and Computer Classes) in my community. Recently, during one of these events, I was asked to spend some time discussing streaming (as an alternative to cable services; a.k.a. “cord-cutting”). I agreed, conducted some research, and presented a sequence of comparisons. These comparisons were of the devices necessary to stream media, the services that provide the actual content (programming [video, music, live TV]), and the channels each service broadcasts.

It was a lot to take in! There are many devices on the market to day (and there will be more “tomorrow”). There are even more service providers (NetFlix, Hulu, and YouTube are just a few). I displayed some row and column comparisons – categorically – of each of these streaming requirements. I know some of you want to study the comparisons in more detail so I have made the links available to you below. Enjoy!

Remember: you “should” let what you want to watch, listen to, and enjoy determine what service(s) you want to use and then decide which device you want to purchase to enable the streaming!

The Channel Guide is here

The Devices Guide is here

The Services Guide is here

Remember: these lists are NOT exhaustive! If you want to conduct additional research on your own, use Google (or your search engine of choice) and look up “streaming services”, and “streaming devices”, and … be creative with the words you use to set your search parameters!