August Update

Re: “Streaming”

Last week, I convened a session of “Computer Class: Computers Made Easy” – it’s my thrice monthly gathering open to all who would like to become a bit more proficient using their (respective) computing device. (i.e., desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and/or voice-activated device). During that session, I introduced an overview of streaming: devices, services/providers, and channels-per-provider. It was a basic introduction to streaming for anyone considering cutting the (cable) cord.

During my pre-meeting research, I found some interesting row-column charts that offered GREAT comparisons of the products – categorically! It was a meeting limited to an hour, so I spoke quickly and the graphs were not displayed for very long. Hence, I told the group I would publish links here, on my web site. Here they are:

Guide to Channels

Guide to Services

Guide to Devices

Browse at your leisure!