Amazon Echo Show 5

A NEW review! The Amazon Echo Show 5.

Usually, in the tech world, a numeral following a product name indicates a version. In the case of Amazon’s Echo Show 5, the number indicates NOT a version, rather, it indicates the screen size! Very odd and NOT unlike Amazon to twist something for marketing purposes.

I’ve read much about the device and the reviews have been GREAT! The picture is described as “very good” and the sound “amazing” for a device its size. And, it has all the functionality of any Amazon Echo (“Alexa”)!

There’s something happening in the world of voice assistants: they’re starting to include screen. Now, instead of being voice in/out, they’re becoming visual assistants as well. How nice to be able to say “Alexa, rewind (the cooking show) ten seconds” or “Alexa, show me the front door” (meaning the view from your smart doorbell [with camera] or your front-facing security camera).

The device can play music, too. And with the millions of titles available on the Amazon Prime Music service, you have hours, days, weeks, months of streaming music available to calm your stressed-out inner beast.

July Update

Once again, it’s been a while since I last published a “post” (hmmm, might that be “since I last posted a pub?”) … anyway, I’m here now so let the post begin!

My most recent real-time translations earbuds ?

So, sell your Rosetta Stone stock and forget about learning multiple languages. Spend some time learning to speak “digital” !

For more about Translation Apps, read this article and consider downloading one or more to try them for yourself.

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