BoomerLife.Live is about technology that offers opportunities to ‘Boomers and Seniors. Digital devices are all around us. We can communicate with whom ever, where ever, when ever (and mostly for free!). We can converse (so old-fashioned), we can email (almost old-fashioned), or we can “text” friends and relatives anywhere in the world. We can take photos using our smartphone (and we can send them to print, while still in Rome, on our printer AT HOME!) We can use an app to locate our car when at the mall. We can use an app to remind us to take our meds. We can use an app to monitor our general health and send reports directly to our health care providers.

We can … IF we learn how.

That’s what BoomerLife.Live is all about: to inform you what’s available (now and “coming soon”), and, in some instances, show you how to use them.

We’re Baby Boomers and we’re here to help you learn all about technology to make life a bit easier and to empower you to participate in the growing digital world.

To learn more about me, visit http://www.boomer.life. That’s my consulting gig web site.

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