Depression set in months ago. How about you? I trust you’re coping like (most) of the rest of us. I’ve read there are some folks experiencing more trouble than others … and those who are generally seem to be flaunting the “wear a mask” request as some subversive demand rather than the common-sense approach to minimize spreading the virus.

“It’s all a hoax!”


…and we, somehow, managed to get the whole world to go along with our “hoax”


Common sense seems a rare attribute at this point in time. Conspiracy theories are somehow easier to accept than the realty around us. (I can’t do anything about the realty, but I CAN protest the abuses of my freedom when someone tells me to wear a mask… (to prevent spreading/catching a virus)).


Never in our lifetimes has the world experienced anything like this. We want to follow all the rules we learned growing up, however the rules don’t apply any more. We making new rules as we go along. And, it’s uncomfortable. We’d rather be comfortable. We’d rather deny what’s obvious ’cause it’s just too uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to deal with it!”

Deal with it!!

Your routines can no longer be routine. Your routines ARE NO LONGER POSSIBLE and that’s extremely difficult to accept. “It’s a hoax!” There! That makes it easier to not accept.

Grow up.

The world as you grew up knowing it no longer exists. Normal is not normal. A new normal will evolve. Some will embrace it and others will refuse to do so. Which side will YOU be on? Which side ARE you on?

Stay healthy.

Normally, I’d say “Stay safe” too… but nothing’s normal anymore.