January Update

Here I go again ... it's January (already?!) ... another New Year. Another opportunity to accomplish something noteworthy (not just me, you too!) What's "noteworthy" in today's world? ALmost anything being reported from the West Wing, eh?! (Can't go there...) How about something innocuous like picking up someone's trash from some parking lot? I'll NEVER … Continue reading January Update

November Update #2: iPhone X Review

OK, so I'm not the first person to offer a review of the iPhone X and I doubt that I'll be the last! I believe I'm becoming a bit jaded: I received my "X" on Friday, the first day it shipped. I did NOT set it up (or even open the box) until Saturday. Yawn. … Continue reading November Update #2: iPhone X Review

August Update

"TechTalk" is a bi-monthly gathering that I host to discuss all things techie that might be of value to the Baby Boomer generation. Today was our first August meeting and it was a winner!! We were introduced to "ELLI-Q" from Intuition Robotics. "ELLI-Q™ is an active aging companion that keeps older adults active and engaged." … Continue reading August Update