Depression set in months ago. How about you? I trust you’re coping like (most) of the rest of us. I’ve read there are some folks experiencing more trouble than others … and those who are generally seem to be flaunting the “wear a mask” request as some subversive demand rather than the common-sense approach to minimize spreading the virus.

“It’s all a hoax!”


…and we, somehow, managed to get the whole world to go along with our “hoax”


Common sense seems a rare attribute at this point in time. Conspiracy theories are somehow easier to accept than the realty around us. (I can’t do anything about the realty, but I CAN protest the abuses of my freedom when someone tells me to wear a mask… (to prevent spreading/catching a virus)).


Never in our lifetimes has the world experienced anything like this. We want to follow all the rules we learned growing up, however the rules don’t apply any more. We making new rules as we go along. And, it’s uncomfortable. We’d rather be comfortable. We’d rather deny what’s obvious ’cause it’s just too uncomfortable.

“I don’t want to deal with it!”

Deal with it!!

Your routines can no longer be routine. Your routines ARE NO LONGER POSSIBLE and that’s extremely difficult to accept. “It’s a hoax!” There! That makes it easier to not accept.

Grow up.

The world as you grew up knowing it no longer exists. Normal is not normal. A new normal will evolve. Some will embrace it and others will refuse to do so. Which side will YOU be on? Which side ARE you on?

Stay healthy.

Normally, I’d say “Stay safe” too… but nothing’s normal anymore.

Is It June, Yet?

I’ve a crate of “masks”… so Georgi and I are “OK” to be out in public as necessary. Made a checklist for provisions:

TP: check. Water: check. Frozen fruits and veggies: check. Proteins: check. Wines: check and double check! Additional necessities NOT necessary to list here. You get the drift, right?!

Holy Snikies! How time flies … seems like only five months ago I posted here following a (then recent) podcast. That was just prior to the World turning inside-out, upside-down and bleak. What’s next? (Time to break into song “… it’s a whole new world…”).

Facebook™’s been in the news (again) and I’ve some Facebook news for you. Well, perhaps a question or two that may provoke some Facebook news. Ya’ know how you occasionally receive notice of a friend request or friend suggestion? Well, I received a friend request from a former neighbor … who has been deceased for a couple years! REALLY?? A friend request from a deceased person?!

It gets worse … about two weeks following that friend request, I received notice the this same person accepted my friend request. WTF? Hey, Zuck: what are your employees doing?

I usually talk tech here. Will continue to do so as I get (anther song here): “…back in the saddle again…” Microsoft has changed Office 365 to Microsoft 365. Subtle and v e r y  i n t e r e s t i n g … Microsoft has also released some new laptops and tablets. Details to follow. There’s a new iPhone (you already know that). Did you know that, other than a sub-par camera, it has the “guts” of the more expensive iPhones at nearly half the price?! Details to follow. Firefox has new add-on search tools: 2,263 of them. Details to follow. Inverse™(dot)com published a list of “22 Genius Smart Home Devices You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $50” and it’s G R E A T!! Details to follow.

So you’re asking yourself (and me, indirectly) “what’s this ‘details to follow’ stuff?” Follow, they will: on upcoming podcasts! Yes, I (finally) put to studio back together and I am about to dust off the equipment and record multiple sessions. Stay tuned!

For those of you who don’t know: my podcast recording studio was set up on a Windows 10 machine. During a developer pre-release Windows update, I experienced a power surge, the machine rebooted (during a time the screen message warned “Do NOT turn off your machine while update is running [or words to that effect]). It may cause severe damage.”

It did.

Fried the drive to the point that I couldn’t even reinstall ANY version. The hard disk became a brick and it now keeps papers from flying off my desk. New machine is an iMac: hexacore i5; 8 Gb + 1Tb fusion drive. Sweet.

OK. I’m back!

Stay safe and I’ll chat agin soon!

January 2020 Update #2

There’s a new podcast available! (finally) … and, as promised on that podcast, I will provide links (here) to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) products I mentioned during the podcast and others I alluded to during the podcast!

This new podcast is a brief (14 minute) talk about some of my favorite CES introductions. For those of you who don’t follow the happenings in the electronics world(s), that’s what I’m here for: to provide you with a source of all-things-tech-related to us (Boomers & Seniors). CES is an annual trade show during which EVERY developer and manufacturer (worth their salt) displays their newest, latest and greatest. This year there were more than 4,500 exhibitors. Yes, you read that correctly: more than four thousand, five hundred product producers. I suggest it is impossible for any  one person to cover that amount of real estate during the four days CES convenes and yet there were more than 175,000 attendees who tried (at least to cover some of it.

I made life easier: i read about it, did NOT attend, curated a list, culled form the 4,500, that are relative to us … and I know I did NOT cover them all. I’ll continue!

As promised during the podcast, below are links to the home sites of the folks I found most relevant and interesting. Please, bear in mind, these are O’Keeffe-isms / preferences. I have NO STAKE in any of the products or applications. I have no financial interest and no one I know will benefit from my recommendations (except possibly YOU if I touch upon something that might be of benefit to you. THAT’S what I try to do !

Drum-roll, please … (in alphabetical order) …

Adok: (Turns “any” surface into a touch screen) https://www.getadok.com/

CamTouch: (Also turns “any” surface into a touch screen) https://camtouch.com.ua/en/

Centers for Age Control, Inc.: (“AgeMeter” measures at what age you function vs. your actual age) Hmmm, doe that mean I can act anything other than my physical age and get away with it – scientifically! http://centersforagecontrol.com/agemeter/

Connected Garden: (Guarantees its recommended plant list is 100% going to grow in your soil … after their device and app evaluate your growing conditions.) https://www.connected-garden.com/homeen

Cubii: (designs fitness products … for the market that cites lacking time. motivation or ability to be active … makes fitness approachable for people of all ages, abilities and lifestyles … ) https://www.cubii.com/collections/ellipticals?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=branded&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI14vH7fuV5wIVkfhkCh2iSg97EAAYAiAAEgL8NfD_BwE

DabKick, Inc: (Dabby – radically new home entertainment device that brings a revolutionary way of watching media. Dabby uses AI to search and display content from verbally issued instructions: by genre, star(s), or title and its browser-based not device dependent.) https://www.dabkick.com/

Envision Technologies: (smartphone app for blind and low vision users that uses AI to help users read all kinds of text, recognize faces, find objects, describe images and more.) https://www.letsenvision.com/

Fingertips: (“Promotes social links between elderly and their friends and family. Connected to their TV, “Viktor” enables them to receive video calls, photos and messages while offering a range of entertainment content. It’s touch sensitive interface makes it very simple to use.”) http://spin-off.biz/?lang=en

HeyHerbie: (A digital platform that keeps older adults safe, connected and happy. HeyHerbie augments older adults TV to allow access to virtual workout and hobby classes, video-chat and even set up reminders.) https://www.heyherbie.com/

Nuheara: ( “Multi-award winning Nuheara IQbuds MAX with Active Noise Cancellation+ and Ear ID™ personalization that automatically calibrates the buds to your unique hearing profile. Enjoy unparalleled noise control and sound fidelity from the world’s most advanced hearing bud. Pre-order now for delivery commencing in March 2020.” Word: these things retail @ $399. On sale: $319.00) https://www.nuheara.com/usa/products/iqbuds-max/

January 2020: Update #1

Whew! Where’d it go? (The year … the decade …)

Apologies for being away for soooooo long. Life gets in the way (wouldn’t have it any other way and besides, the alternative isn’t pretty!)

So, we’re off – on our way into a New Year (Have a Happy, Healthy One, BTW!!) … And, it’s the beginning of a New Decade. (Does that make any difference, REALLY?)

And what about resolutions? Have you made any? Me neither. I could make a resolution to post more frequently and, well … do you really think that would work? (Sigh, without making it a resolution, i WILL post more ofter this year, I promise!)

And then there are my podcasts … 🙁 been off that wagon a while also. I need to get out the ol’ can of “air”, dust off the control board and microphone, and spread some BoomerLife.Live updates. Got it! Will do!

Probably later today.

Stay healthy! Stay happy! And enjoy our BoomerLife, Live!!

August Update

Re: “Streaming”

Last week, I convened a session of “Computer Class: Computers Made Easy” – it’s my thrice monthly gathering open to all who would like to become a bit more proficient using their (respective) computing device. (i.e., desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and/or voice-activated device). During that session, I introduced an overview of streaming: devices, services/providers, and channels-per-provider. It was a basic introduction to streaming for anyone considering cutting the (cable) cord.

During my pre-meeting research, I found some interesting row-column charts that offered GREAT comparisons of the products – categorically! It was a meeting limited to an hour, so I spoke quickly and the graphs were not displayed for very long. Hence, I told the group I would publish links here, on my BoomerLife.live web site. Here they are:

Guide to Channels

Guide to Services

Guide to Devices

Browse at your leisure!

Amazon Echo Show 5

A NEW review! The Amazon Echo Show 5.

Usually, in the tech world, a numeral following a product name indicates a version. In the case of Amazon’s Echo Show 5, the number indicates NOT a version, rather, it indicates the screen size! Very odd and NOT unlike Amazon to twist something for marketing purposes.

I’ve read much about the device and the reviews have been GREAT! The picture is described as “very good” and the sound “amazing” for a device its size. And, it has all the functionality of any Amazon Echo (“Alexa”)!

There’s something happening in the world of voice assistants: they’re starting to include screen. Now, instead of being voice in/out, they’re becoming visual assistants as well. How nice to be able to say “Alexa, rewind (the cooking show) ten seconds” or “Alexa, show me the front door” (meaning the view from your smart doorbell [with camera] or your front-facing security camera).

The device can play music, too. And with the millions of titles available on the Amazon Prime Music service, you have hours, days, weeks, months of streaming music available to calm your stressed-out inner beast.

July Update

Once again, it’s been a while since I last published a “post” (hmmm, might that be “since I last posted a pub?”) … anyway, I’m here now so let the post begin!

My most recent real-time translations earbuds ?

So, sell your Rosetta Stone stock and forget about learning multiple languages. Spend some time learning to speak “digital” !

For more about Translation Apps, read this article and consider downloading one or more to try them for yourself.

Until next time, stay happy! Stay Healthy! And enjoy your BoomerLife to the fullest!


June Update

Well, that about sums it up for now … WAIT, I didn’t write anything – how could I be summing it up ?? Oh, I get it: my content editor thought she’d play a little trick on me and delete the forgoing content and skip straight to the end point. NOT!

It’s June. The landscape (water) bill is going up like the temperature :-(. We’ve been recommended to switch all sprinkler heads to drippers. I can calculate significant savings on water (monetarily AND ecologically) however, I need to factor in the cost of the upgrade: components and labor. It’ll save immediately on monthly water charges. It might take years to realize ROI once previously mentioned expenses are factored into the equation. Need to let this marinate awhile…

NEW TECH UPDATE: Amazon introduced a new device: an Echo Show 5. (Disclaimer: I do NOT own Amazon stock; I do NOT receive ANY form of compensation from Amazon [or other manufacturers or developers I discuss]. It’s all my opinion. Pure, non-sponsored, opinion. At the point I am offered advertising opportunities, we’ll talk about it!)

Back to Amazon Echo 5. Usually, when a product is given a number, it signifies a version. Not in this case. The “5” in Echo Show 5 refers to it’s screen size! The original Echo Show, and newest version, have 10 inch screens and cost a bit more. The “5” has a smaller screen however the many of the other specifications resemble the original “Show”. It seems there is growing demand for smart displays and Amazon, among others, is offering to fill the gap!

Who else, you ask? Well, it just so happens I have a list! Amazon, JBL, Lenovo, Facebook, Google, LG and, noticably absent from this Smart Screen list is … Apple. However, if you’re a purest, you COULD place an iPhone or iPad on a stand, talk to Siri and have a close encounter with a smart screen. Here’s a site with some reviews.

O.K., that’s enough for now. If you are inclined, drop by my podcast site and have a listen! BoomerLife (dot) Live

Be good. Do good. Stay happy, healthy and enjoy your BoomerLife! More soon!

May Update

Hmmm, since May is nearly gone, perhaps I should have titled this post “June Update” … oh well, it IS May and this is my latest Update, so May Update it is!

BoomerLife (dot) Live, my podcast, is gaining traction (albeit on a slippery slope). I have listeners “reminding” me that the interval between my last post and an update has been, ummmmm, too long. (I appreciate that feedback! It tells me that there ARE people listening! Thank you!!)

For those of you new here, BoomerLife.Live (this site) and BoomerLife (dot) Live, my podcast, offer useful information about technology specifically designed, developed or proven useful, for us Baby Boomers/Senior Citizens. Both this site and my podcast are based upon seminars I conduct (meetings I convene) with groups of my peers to explore the digital world around us. I call one of those meetings “TechTalk” and the other “Computers Made Easy” – combined, they convene five times each month.

TechTalk topics run the gamut of today’s technology: apps to laptops, tablets to smartphones, WiFi and mesh WiFi, keyboarding to voice input and so very much more! While Computers Made Easy attempts to stay close to topic: using a computer! (Some of the participants have computer “exposure” and less everyday experience.) My goal is to help them get comfortable using their device(s) in order to help them become more involved with today’s technology. It’s fun for me and extremely rewarding! When someone tells a story about a “new” experience they had using their computer (or other tech device), I feel a sense of pride!

My work with these groups is pro bono. One of the benefits of retirement: the time and ability to teach a subject about I am passionate!

There was a time I referred to the meeting as “Digital Literacy Group” – They weren’t very fond of that identification. It was tooooooo technical and nobody really wants to learn digital literacy. “How about some plain ol’ tech talk to bring us up to speed on what’s new?!”

That worked: TechTalk it became! If you want a brief sample, visit my podcast: BoomerLife (dot) Live and have a listen!

Stay healthy! Have fun! Enjoy your BoomerLife – Live!

More soon!

March Update

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! (You gotta’ know that, with a surname of “O’Keeffe”, I’d begin this blog post on March 17th with an Irish Greeting. You’re welcome!)

Have you listened to any of my podcasts yet? They’re geared for us baby boomers and topics focus upon technology. Specifically, the technology that can (and does) affect our daily lives. Critics rave: “interesting”, “informative”, “creative”, “succinct” (that means brief – episodes range from six to 15 minutes in duration). I’m posting new episodes weekly and soon, I’ll be publishing transcripts here (with links to the tech I discussed during the podcast – as requested by listeners!).

Let me think … what is “newsy” for March … hmm … California (where my wife and I live, is officially out of drought status. That’s to say it’s been raining for the past month and a half and we love it!! Weather folks refer to the systems we’ve experienced as “Pineapple Express” and ‘Atmospheric Rivers”. I simply refer to the as wet. Great news insofar as we’ve been dry for several years. Rain: good!

Oh, did I tell you bout my podcasts? (yeah, I’m pretty proud of getting them started). The link here is one method to find them, Also, I’m in Apple’s podcasts and on Google’s, too. Just look-up “Boomerlife.live”.

My most recent podcast was about apps and apps and apps … Did you know that we (‘boomers and seniors), ONLY utilize (roughly) 10% of the capability of our smart devices (smartphones and tablets). ONLY 10%!!! That’s wasting all of “horsepower”. During the podcast, I list numerous app categories and sub-categories in hopes of motivating listeners to add to their apps and increase that usage percentage to 11% or 12% or more! I’ve added some links to the end of this blog (the top 100 Apple apps and a the top 100 Google (Android) apps. Hope they help you find more useful, enjoyable, empowering, fun apps.

Lastly, I listed some “speed test” apps or websites so you can test the speed of your device.

Apps Categories and links to sources for apps:

The 6 Main Types of Mobile Apps

1. Lifestyle Mobile Apps

  •  Fitness
  • Dating
  • Food
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Spotify
  • Tripadvisor
  • Uber

2. Social Media Mobile Apps

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

3. Utility Mobile Apps

  • Reminders
  • Calculator
  • Flashlight
  • Weather

4. Games/Entertainment Mobile Apps

  • Angry Birds
  • Clash of Clans
  • Subway Surfer


5. Productivity Mobile Apps

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Wallet/Pay
  • Evernote
  • Wunderlist

6. News/Information Outlets Mobile Apps

  • Buzzfeed
  • Smartnews
  • Google News & Weather
  • Feedly
  • Flipboard
  • Yahoo News Digest
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin Pulse

100 Top Apps (iOS)


Popular SmartWatch apps:

100 Top (Android) Apps


WiFi speed tests: a list of test services: goo.gl/i292em