Occasionally, I discover a web site that I find interesting and want to share with you. When this event happens, this is the page upon which I will publish that link.

Any of my readers who have visited this page before today will recognize there haven’t been any links. It’s NOT that I don’t find interesting material to share, it’s that ALL the sites I find have more advertisements and “click bait” than useful information.

I don’t want to offer you a link to a site that wants you to but something. I want to offer you a link to some useful information sans advertising … and that’s become quite a challenge.

Try for yourself: Google (that’s a verb now!) “tech for baby boomers 2017” (don’t need the quotes), and click a few of the links that appear. You be presented with some interesting stuff amid LOADS of advertising. There are sites that offer information for Seniors about ADVERTISING to Seniors (and includes a reminder how affluent the demographic is!!)

I refuse to make you suffer through that.

Instead, what I propose is to locate interesting, relevant information and, with the approval of the author(s), copy/paste it here sans advertising! Sound like a plan??

I hope so!

Coming soon!