Newest Amazon Echo

We’re starting to have “real” conversations! …and the stilted, robotic language I used at the beginning (“Alexa, kitchen-light-on”) has become much more “normal” (“Alexa, turn the kitchen light on”). It’s a slight difference however, being able to speak everyday “speak” is more comfortable and less forced. I like it!

And, there is a new “chat” mode! Amazon, in conjunction with a few universities, is creating a conversational mode that enables me to (quite literally) CHAT with Alexa. Get started by saying “Alexa, let’s chat”

Another “new” feature is the ability to ask consecutive questions. You might remember that, in the early days (four years ago), Alexa could handle only one interaction at a time. Asking “follow-up” questions did not connect. Now however, Alexa DOES handle consecutive statements. (“Alexa, when is the next Warriors game?” followed by “Alexa, buy tickets to the game.” and Alexa makes the transaction.) Sometime in the not-too-distant future, Alexa will follow that interaction by reminding you of the game date and time and telling you when to leave your current location, depending upon travel arrangements and traffic conditions, to arrive to the game location at game time!

There’s more! Alexa is now capable of making phone calls to any number in the world! It can add events to your calendar and items to your grocery list and order “stuff” directly from Amazon (of course!)

These digital “assistants” are becoming more useful everyday. What a GREAT time to be alive!