April Update #

Aw, c’mon … is it REALLY April already? (And, is April nearly gone to May?)

I reside in California and, as you may have heard (or read), we’ve been experiencing a drought for the past five years. I haven’t been attending to my work here because I have been dancing in the rain! (not really) … It’s been SO rainy during the past few months that our drought is officially over!! (According to Gov. Jerry Brown, so it must be true). I suggest to my less-than-technology-comfy friends that they can’t “hurt” their equipment by simply playing with it, HOWEVER, I do not suggest playing in the rain while writing a blog; hence my explanation for not being here for a while: I have been dancing (playing) in the rain and doing so non-electronically. (Hmmmmm, I wonder if I can teach Alexa (Amazon Echo) or Google Assistant (Google’s response to Amazon’s Echo) to take dictation and post it here. I’ll work on that …

What have YOU been up to these past couple months? I trust some of you have exposed yourselves to something new in the digital world! Perhaps visited a technology reseller and experimented with a smartphone or tablet!? Remember: there are many, many devices and prices are all over the place. I’ve seen tablets at BestBuyâ„¢ for less than $50.00 (No, I am NOT paid, reimbursed nor compensated in any way for my opinions or “recommendations”!) I’ve also seen tablets for approximately $20.00 per month offered by cell phone carriers. (Bear in mind that the cost will require a data plan and that could cost you another $30.00 per month and more!! Still, if you have not acquired a tablet or other smart device, you need to seriously consider doing so because you’re missing out on a lot!!

BTW: Apple will announcing some new products (updates/versions) in the near future so, if you don’t NEED the newest, it’s a good time to shop because much Apple product is being discounted (as usual when they’re about to introduce “new”, they sell off the “old”) Deals are available: go shop!