April Update

It’s been busy these last four months … (and, if you buy that, I’ve a bridge to sell you!)

Truth is: I find it more challenging than I expected to keep my pages “fresh” … and, I realize that’s my bad. During normal days, I fill my time searching for “new” technology. Specifically, new tech that might have an impact on the lives of my peers: Baby Boomers.

I have discovered, much to my dismay, a number of my cohort are digitally illiterate. They can use their devices – to some extent – however, they are woefully unaware of some of the most fundamental operations necessary to keep the device running. Case in point: a neighbor showed me his tablet that had “stopped” working. No matter what he “tapped”, the device was unresponsive. Looking closely, I noticed DOZENS of app running in the background. So many, in fact, that the device had simply “locked up” and had no available memory. Unfortunately, it did NOT provide any, on screen, notification of the problem, hence he had no way of knowing that what was needed was closing some (all?) of the open apps. Once he did this, the device was working normally and he was a happy camper!

It’s scenarios like that I enjoy most: Being able to help someone understand the technology just enough to be able to troubleshoot everyday “challenges” using the device!

Another example of a similar situation with an iPhone. An app would NOT “open” and the user was quite upset. He knew how to open apps and use them and he was NOT instructed how to “close” them (double tap on the home button to display all open apps, then swipe up to close them). Once he learned this little (necessary) function, he was able to keep his device working and his enjoyment more complete!

So, this type information is what I gather and disperse during the normal weekday: this is the type information I’ll begin sharing here! Perhaps that’ll keep me focused and you informed and “on the saddle” of your digital horse!

What a GREAT time to be alive! Enjoy the tech and learn a little more about it every day!!