November Update #1

Holy Smokes! Is it REALLY November, already?! Time to begin defrosting the turkey and planning the menu… speaking about planning: it’s time to start planning how to compare my OLD iPhone 7+ to my NEW iPhone X (pronounced “10”). Yep! Received it last Friday. Set it up last Saturday and didn’t realize until this morning, that I’ve been carrying around a brick! Despite the overall ease with which it successfully restored from my backup, it did NOT activate nor did it notify me that I needed to activate it?!

Odd. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t activated because I did nothing that utilized that phone capability. It was sending and receiving emails and I had no reason to call or text anyone, so I ASSUMED it was fully operational. Don’t ever assume!

Lesson here to be learned: that device we generally call a “smartphone” is NOT a “phone, per se. I’ve read that the average user rarely used the device as a phone! We test, email, share photos, get directions, and “do” many activities BUT NOT MAKE PHONE CALLS!

Let’s call it a smart device from today forward, shall we?!

Trivia bit: it has been published (regrettably, I can’t locate the article, so you’ll need to take my word for it!) that the equivalent of our smart device would have cost a minimum of $3.5 million dollars 20 years ago! Another post ( estimates the collection of components and apps at more than $32 million dollars (today’s value). Whew!

What a great time to be alive!! Enjoy technology! Have fun with it!

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