January 2020: Update #1

Whew! Where’d it go? (The year … the decade …)

Apologies for being away for soooooo long. Life gets in the way (wouldn’t have it any other way and besides, the alternative isn’t pretty!)

So, we’re off – on our way into a New Year (Have a Happy, Healthy One, BTW!!) … And, it’s the beginning of a New Decade. (Does that make any difference, REALLY?)

And what about resolutions? Have you made any? Me neither. I could make a resolution to post more frequently and, well … do you really think that would work? (Sigh, without making it a resolution, i WILL post more ofter this year, I promise!)

And then there are my podcasts … šŸ™ been off that wagon a while also. I need to get out the ol’ can of “air”, dust off the control board and microphone, and spread some BoomerLife.Live updates. Got it! Will do!

Probably later today.

Stay healthy! Stay happy! And enjoy our BoomerLife, Live!!

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