Is It June, Yet?

I’ve a crate of “masks”… so Georgi and I are “OK” to be out in public as necessary. Made a checklist for provisions:

TP: check. Water: check. Frozen fruits and veggies: check. Proteins: check. Wines: check and double check! Additional necessities NOT necessary to list here. You get the drift, right?!

Holy Snikies! How time flies … seems like only five months ago I posted here following a (then recent) podcast. That was just prior to the World turning inside-out, upside-down and bleak. What’s next? (Time to break into song “… it’s a whole new world…”).

Facebook™’s been in the news (again) and I’ve some Facebook news for you. Well, perhaps a question or two that may provoke some Facebook news. Ya’ know how you occasionally receive notice of a friend request or friend suggestion? Well, I received a friend request from a former neighbor … who has been deceased for a couple years! REALLY?? A friend request from a deceased person?!

It gets worse … about two weeks following that friend request, I received notice the this same person accepted my friend request. WTF? Hey, Zuck: what are your employees doing?

I usually talk tech here. Will continue to do so as I get (anther song here): “…back in the saddle again…” Microsoft has changed Office 365 to Microsoft 365. Subtle and v e r y  i n t e r e s t i n g … Microsoft has also released some new laptops and tablets. Details to follow. There’s a new iPhone (you already know that). Did you know that, other than a sub-par camera, it has the “guts” of the more expensive iPhones at nearly half the price?! Details to follow. Firefox has new add-on search tools: 2,263 of them. Details to follow. Inverse™(dot)com published a list of “22 Genius Smart Home Devices You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $50” and it’s G R E A T!! Details to follow.

So you’re asking yourself (and me, indirectly) “what’s this ‘details to follow’ stuff?” Follow, they will: on upcoming podcasts! Yes, I (finally) put to studio back together and I am about to dust off the equipment and record multiple sessions. Stay tuned!

For those of you who don’t know: my podcast recording studio was set up on a Windows 10 machine. During a developer pre-release Windows update, I experienced a power surge, the machine rebooted (during a time the screen message warned “Do NOT turn off your machine while update is running [or words to that effect]). It may cause severe damage.”

It did.

Fried the drive to the point that I couldn’t even reinstall ANY version. The hard disk became a brick and it now keeps papers from flying off my desk. New machine is an iMac: hexacore i5; 8 Gb + 1Tb fusion drive. Sweet.

OK. I’m back!

Stay safe and I’ll chat agin soon!

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