December Update

‘Twas the week before Christmas … (Holy Smokies! Already??!!)

Another year passes quicker than a commuter on Hwy 4 @ 6:00 A.M. (For those of you who don’t know about Hwy 4; it’s a commuter route used by po’ fo’ who live OUTSIDE the high rent district[s] and must commute to work. Although traffic usually crawls along @ ~ 15 mph, when it moves, traffic FLIES in excess of 80mph.  No kidding’! I have been rolling along @ 70mph and PASSED like I was standing still. THAT’S SCARY!)

As I was saying, another year passes and we’re all a bit wiser. (Well, most of us are … there are always a few dummies who will never be wiser;  they’ll simply get older and we’ll continue to tolerate them.)

I was recently invited to my high school graduation reunion. It was the 50th anniversary of my graduation (give you an idea of my age?). I live in Northern California. The reunion was being held at the school – in Chicago – during November. I LEFT Chicago because I HATE cold weather. Am I going to attend a reunion during November? Heck no! I wouldn’t attend a family funeral in Chicago during November (or any other Fall/Winter month!). My point? I graduated from high school 50 years ago. That’s a long damn time ago.

I don’t feel THAT old.

Now, at this point I could reminise about the good old high school days but why?! I don’t want to go back 50 years: I want to celebrate another day TODAY!! (Sly & the Family Stone: “I just want to celebrate another day of livin’  – I just want to celebrate another day of … life …!” Get the tune in your head and you’ll be treated to an ear worm for hours!

Celebrate today – everyday! Going back in time is a waste thereof (IMHO) and may be an indication that you’re NOT too pleased with “today” and, if that’s true, why? Inhale! Embrace today! L I V E it!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! (And remember: keep Christ in Christmas!)


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