January Update

Here I go again … it’s January (already?!) … another New Year. Another opportunity to accomplish something noteworthy (not just me, you too!)

What’s “noteworthy” in today’s world? ALmost anything being reported from the West Wing, eh?! (Can’t go there…)

How about something innocuous like picking up someone’s trash from some parking lot?

I’ll NEVER do that! It strikes me as “enabling” the litterbug. It’s like saying “Oh, you’re too good to put your trash in a trashcan, so I’ll take care of it for you!” (Bullshit) Or, you pay taxes to pay for other people to pick up your trash WHERE EVER you decide to toss it (more Bullshit: you probably don’t pay taxes … that’s why you feel so entitled to just discard your crap anywhere you choose.)

Can you guess I have a pet peeve? People who litter really piss me off. Who the hell do they think they are that they can just drop shit on the ground, where ever they are to leave for someone else to clean up. That’s attitude – and NOT a good one! (IMHO)

OK, off the soapbox for now. Happy New Year. Be nice. Be considerate. Don’t litter. Pick up after yourself.

(It’s worth the effort to ask, isn’t it?)

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