December Update

Christmas is a couple weeks away and the holy-days are becoming lost among the holidays. (Try to keep a bit of each, OK?)

Be kind to someone (in addition to yourself). Drive a bit slower (yes, I’m talking to myself on that one), and don’t eat too much! Common stories suggest that people gain five to seven pounds over the holidays (from Thanksgiving to New Year’s) however, research* indicates that all we really gain is 3/4 of a pound!! Eat away!

Moderation is the word of the season. Moderation is what we eat. Moderation in what we drink (wink!), and moderation in our expectations. That one is especially important: moderation in our expectations. Set the bar low and you won’t be disappointed!

Speaking of setting bar height, I’m setting one for myself and it’s pretty high: I’m starting a podcast in January! “Boomer Life” hosted by Dr. Richard J. O’Keeffe. Initially, I’m planning to publish twice each month with links from this blog and from my other web site: My focus, in the event you can’t tell from the title, is the Baby Boomer population. We’re growing by roughly 10,000 per day and, in ten more years, when all Baby Boomers will have reached 65, we will account for  20% of the population. We have proclaimed that 60 is the new 40 and we have embraced technology with a passion. Some of us have moved into “active adult” communities where the lists of activities to engage us are huge and our neighborhood peeps are of like mind: have fun!

I’ll be talking about a range of topics – all centered on the ‘Boomer population. Occasionally, I have a guest expert (on some related topic), host call-in opportunities for listeners’ questions and comments, and generally attempt to engage my listeners in all things ‘Boomer.

Specific details coming soon!

*published by The New England Journal of Medicine (conducted by Jack A. Yanovski, M.D., Ph.D., et. al.)

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