January (2019) Update

Happy New Year! (a little late, sorry!)

So, another year has blown by and we’re all a year older. At our age(s). being a year older is a GOOD thing! (the alternative sucks ;-/). What also are good things are the technology advances and new product introductions the new year brings. This year we’ll see more connected “stuff” and more ways to use connected “stuff”. We’ll see more health and wellness “tech” that we wear to monitor ourselves enabling us to get medical attention as soon as our “wear-able” warns us that something’s not right. (And pat’s us on the back when we do something that’s good for us!)

Digital watches and wrist bands have become medical devices that also tell time, send and receive text and email messages and some even enable us to make phone calls! (Dick Tracy had it right all along. It just took awhile to actually get here!)

Voice input devices (Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Samsung’s Bixby) enable to perform numerous tasks simply by speaking. “Alexa, set the Ecobee to 73” and Alexa adjusts my thermostat. “Hey Google: what’s the forecast?” and Google tells me about the weather in my neighborhood (and I didn’t say where I am – Google “knows” and reports accordingly). I can tell the device to call someone or to send a text message to someone; to brighten or dim the lights [in any number of locations] or to show me who’s at the door!) Isn’t technology GREAT?!

BTW: Soon, you’ll be able to listen to my podcast BoomerLifedotLive“. The first five episodes, five to 15 minutes each, are already “in the can” and will be available not later than February 1st. (You’ll know when they’re available because the links (above) will be active!)

Stay healthy, stay happy and have fun!

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